Perfume & Nails

Perfume & Nails

Brands we Love... 

PHB are introducing you to some favourite products from Brands we Love so that you can enjoy more amazing Plant Based & Toxin Free beauty.

These brands share our ethos of using Natural & Non-Toxic ingredients making them safer for you and the environment. Their products are also suitable for Vegans & Cruelty Free. 

GLOSSWORKS Nail Polishes

Be the boss of gloss with GLOSSWORKS new 9-FREE Nail Polishes in 12 luscious colours! Professionally formulated to deliver a high-gloss coat with a gel-like texture that just won't fade. GLOSSWORKS sets the new standard in nail friendly colour without nasty chemicals normally found in nail polish. GLOSSWORKS are not tested on animals and are suitable for Vegans. Find your favourite colour now... or get them all!

Walden Natural Perfumes

Made from only the finest natural absolutes, resins and essential oils Walden Perfumes are named after Henry David Thoreau's seminal work Walden. The book - part meditation, part handbook for simple living in natural surroundings - has inspired countless readers and Walden Natural Perfumes are proud to walk in his footsteps.

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