Balancing Cleanser + Moisturiser Bundle (For Oily Skin, Blemishes & Acne)

Balancing Cleanser + Moisturiser Bundle (For Oily Skin, Blemishes & Acne)

PHB Balancing Cleanser & Moisturiser Bundle 

Cleansing and moisturising are two of the most important steps in anyskin care routine. Indulge your skin with natures purest ingredients tokeep skin looking soft, healthy and glowing with our Cleanser andMoisturiser Bundles. Our Balancing Skin Care range is carefully blended to suit the needs of oily skin, and contains the perfect ingredients to help heal blemishes and acne. Handmade in the UK with skin harmonising organics that re-balance skin and purify pores.

Lavender Tamanu Tea Tree Chamomile

Made using natures purest plant extracts to regulate oil production and aid skin repair for a clearer & healthier complextion. Particularly beneficial for acne and blemishes due to the anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and scar healing properties.

Balancing Facial Cleanser with Vanilla &Chamomile

Purpose: To Deep Cleanse Skin, Remove Makeup and Improve Skin Clarity

This handcrafted Organic Cleansing Cream from PHB combines gentleLavender and soothing Vanilla to heal, balance and strengthen skin whilstgently removing impurities and makeup to keep skin fresh and healthy.


Balancing Moisturiser with Organic Lavender andTamanu

PHB’s Balancing moisturiser is carefully formulated to rebalance skin andimprove the complexion. Geranium regulates oil production & revitalisesskin for a healthy glow and even skin tone. Organic Lavender is combined withTamanu help to heal & repair skin, reducing scarring and blemishes. Theperfect treat to keep skin clear and healthy.

With a matte finish that helps prevent shine.

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