Wake Up Your Skin with our 2-in-1 Coffee Bean Scrub & Mask

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With Spring just around the corner, it's time to re-awaken your skin from its wintery slumber. During the colder months, the skin can dry out and build up extra cell layers in reaction to the frosty weather. Now the temperatures are rising, and the sun is shining on us once again, we can start to nourish our skin by taking off these extra layers. Just as the Earth has shed her leaves, ready to blossom again in the Spring, we can experience the same, with our skin care routine. We invite you to wake up and smell the coffee, with our amazing Coffee Bean Scrub and Mask. So many of us start the day with a hot, aromatic cup of Coffee but imagine bringing that energy boost even earlier into the morning routine. Visualise heading into the kitchen to make your morning cup o’ joe, already feeling radiant and awake!

So what exactly is the Coffee Bean Scrub & Mask? It is a divine mixture created using organic, fairtrade coffee beans that works wonders for your skin. It can be used to wake up your skin’s sensational potential, by applying to your face and body as a scrub in the shower. The steam from the shower will help your pores to open and take in all that coffee infused goodness! Or you can always sit back, relax and enjoy it is a deeply cleansing face mask, as part of your sunday evening pampering session. 


We've made this a multi-tasking product to make your life more simple. It helps to reduce excess product, packaging and water waste. It also means you're more likely to use the entire product, rather than having a bathroom shelf full of half-used products. 


How to use:

To use as a scrub, you massage a small amount into the skin using gentle, circular motions. This will stimulate the skin cells, allowing ones that are a little past it to release themselves from the skin's surface, revealing shiny new skin cells underneath.


To use as a mask, you massage the product into the skin as before and then leave for 10-15 minutes for it to work its magic, leaving your skin sparkling and shining.


Used regularly, organic coffee beans work as incredible exfoliators of the skin, as well as minimising pores and cellulite and reducing the appearance of spider veins, acne scars and discolouration. Ground Coffee scrubs away dead skin cells and stimulates blood flow to give skin a smoother, firmer and brighter appearance.




But why all the buzz around coffee scrubs in general? Is it the rich aroma and the way the beans exfoliate the skin, or is there more to it? Here are some more of the benefits:


Caffeine - We drink it in the morning for a little extra pep in our step! It speeds up our heart rate and gets things moving, and this is exactly what it does to our skin. By stimulating blood flow through the skin tissues, the appearance of certain skin problems is improved. This surge of blood through less travelled ground can also reduce early signs of aging, as well as reducing puffiness and dark circles around the eyes from too much work, or too much play!


Did someone say Antioxidants? Yes, we did! Ground Coffee, when made with fresh, organic beans, is extremely rich in antioxidants like caffeine, eugenol, gamma-tocopherol and other long named toxin fighting friends! When these are combined with extra vitamins and fatty acids, they create a potent mixture with supernatural powers, which banishes the appearance of cellulite. This may sound like some kind of witchcraft, but this is purely down the diuretic properties of the coffee! It dehydrates the fat cells closest to the skin's surface, which reduces their size and appearance!


Anti-Aging - There is so much research into the effects of coffee on slowing down the ageing process! This is due again, to its loyal tribe of antioxidants that fight free radicals and other potentially harmful compounds in the skin! The little beans also have UV protective properties, which help reduce the effects of sun damage on the skin. Say no more!


All Natural Facelift - Is that a thing? Yes! Coffee scrubs also dehydrate the fat cells on the face. When used regularly, they constrict the blood vessels and reduce puffiness, giving your face a tighter and more sculpted, youthful appearance. Aging gracefully is a beautiful thing, and with the right products and a little help from mother nature, you can always look your best!




You may be wondering, what's so different about our Coffee Scrub. Apart from being handmade by us, here in the UK using organic ingredients, this 2-in-1 scrub & mask also combines the healing powers of Aloe Vera, Avocado and Safflower oils. These plants hydrate the skin, giving it a healthy, natural glow. All ingredients in the scrub are ethically sourced and are cruelty free and vegan. Oh, and the tube is 100% recyclable too!


So what are you waiting for? Enhance your mood, awaken your senses and rejuvenate your skin with our enchantingly fragrant Coffee Scrub! For a limited time only, you can get this coffee fueled beauty staple free when you purchase two skin care products from our new range! Now is the time to step into Spring, shed the winter layers and enjoy the warmer days with revitalised, healthier skin!


Don’t just take our word for it, check out one of our latest reviews by Beauty Blogger Jo Walley for the Coffee Scrub & Mask!  


"I’ve used it a few times now on both my face and body. The scrub particles (ground coffee beans) are effective, but not too harsh. They’re in a creamy paste which helps moisturise, and combined they leave the skin feeling lovely and soft and smooth. Even better – the smell is incredible! 

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