Fall in Love with our NEW Bio-Gels

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Harness the healing power of Aloe Vera & Beautiful Botanicals and fall in love with your skin once again...


As we progress in our journey through life, our skin can really be put through its paces. Pollution, sun exposure, hormonal changes - not to mention the synthetic chemicals found in many skin care products - can cause our skin to become dull and lacklustre, with darker patches, uneven skin tone and age spots. Skin can also be subjected to a wide range of irritants and physical stressors over time, such as stretch marks, contact dermatitis, burns and scarring.


To combat these common concerns, we have created two cooling Bio-Gels which combine the age-old healing properties of Aloe Vera with powerful botanicals, to soothe & improve specific skin irregularities. These products are designed to target problem areas and help restore healing and harmony, so that you can learn to truly love your skin once again.


Aloe Vera has long been revered for its skin healing benefits. It has been used for centuries as a natural treatment for a variety of skin ailments including eczema, psoriasis, acne, burns and even wounds. Aloe Vera contains a high number of active components including vitamins, minerals and fatty acids which are essential for healing, repairing and improving skin's appearance.


Our new Bio-Gels combine the healing properties of Aloe Vera with skin enhancing essential oils to create tailor made skin treatments that are highly effective and give noticeable results. They are hand-crafted with love here in the UK using pure yet potent natural ingredients.


How to use the Bio-Gels...

These organic gels are gentle enough to be used on both the face & body. We recommend you apply twice daily, once in the morning & again in the evening to get the best results. Using your finger tips, gently massage a thin layer of gel into skin - a little goes a long way. Also, allow time for the gel to absorb fully before dressing or applying makeup. We recommend that you rub the products between your palms and inhale the beautiful natural scent before massaging into skin, allowing you to absorb the aroma-therapeutic benefits of these wonderful products. 


Which Bio-Gel is right for your skin...


Skin Brightener Bio-Gel with aloe, neroli and immortelle (£25 £20): A light and fresh gel designed to target discolouration and even out the skin tone. By targeting melanin production, it brightens dark spots or patches. Its regenerative formula blends the brightening powers of licorice root with the finest quality organic aloe vera. Neroli and immortelle essential oils rejuvenate the skin and restore its elasticity.


The divine scent of this product comes from the precious Neroli flower oil, which is believed to encourage feelings of confidence, strength, courage, joy and peace. We've combined this delicate floral with refreshing Grapefruit and Immortelle essential oils to awaken & enliven your skin and senses. Rounded off with grounding Vetivert and restorative Petitgrain, chosen to re-energise your spirit and also calm your mind. 


Skin Perfector Bio-Gel with aloe, rose and sea buckthorn (£25 £20): Perfect for stretch marks, scarring and redness including rosacea, this cooling gel is suitable for all skin types. It blends soothing aloe vera with pure rose oil, which encourages cell regeneration and calms redness. Antioxidant-rich oils from Rosehip seeds and beautiful bright orange Sea Buckthorn berries help speed up the skin’s natural healing process.


Therapeutic Rose essential oil carries a delicate yet powerful scent, which helps to restore harmony to your skin and senses. The sweet aroma of Rose oil soothes the heart and brings a feeling of inner peace. It is widely believed that rose oil has strong anti-depressant and uplifting properties - and it is said to invoke feelings of joy, happiness, hope and love.


We hope these products will inspire you to take time to care for your self and fall in love with your skin once again. x