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Are you ready for naturally flawless skin? We've got some exciting news for you...


As so many of you will know, we have been working hard behind the scenes to re-launch 2 of our most loved products. 
We are so hyped to announce the imminent return of our award-winning & much loved BB Cream!


Plus we're super excited to bring you 2 ALL NEW products - Flawless Filter Liquid Foundation and Tinted Moisturiser with Green Tea & Argan Oil
These products are going to give you the ‘wow’ worthy skin you’ve been dreaming of and they will be available to order from 1st July 2019.





We have received so many emails & messages from our PHB Beauties asking when their skin’s best friends will be back in town!
So we’re incredibly pleased to finally share this exciting update with everyone and introduce you to these new products.


We promise you, they’ve been so worth the wait!




The Packaging Glow-Up!


Check out our new look packaging! We think you’ll find this a HUGE improvement on the old packaging. 


The Bottle

Our bottles are now made entirely from recycled glass, and they are 100% recyclable. Yay!


The Precision Pump

Not only does our new packaging look super chic, it comes with a specialist pump which allows a very controlled output, meaning you get just the right amount of product you need with less wastage. FYI: As with all pumps, they are made using mixed materials so must be disposed of separately.


The Box

Our beautiful new outer boxes are made with recyclable paper & eco-friendly inks.
They are PHB green and have a pretty surprise when you look inside.
Trust us when we say that this packaging will look just as beautiful on your dressing table as the products will on your skin!




Did you know? 
Since 2018 our company had decreased our plastic usage by over 50%




Makeup meets Superfood Skin Care


We’ve made it our mission to create pure products that allow you to fall in love with your skin. So we can hardly contain our excitement when it comes to our newly created superfood-makeup hybrid blends!


Following the success of our Superfood Skin Care Range, we decided to incorporate some of the super potent organic ingredients into our makeup too. After all, makeup sits on our skin all day long so we thought let’s make that makeup work for our skin, support our skins’ needs and crucially allow it to breathe & function optimally!


Don’t suffocate your skin with synthetic ingredients and petrochemicals. Nourish with our natural ingredients instead!




In our new makeup products you’ll find high doses of Green Tea, Argan Oil, Aloe Vera, Japanese Rice Oil, Acai Berry, Lycii Berry, Acerola Cherry, Mango, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Rosehip and Hyaluronic Acid. Yes, really! All that goodness to feed your skin. Want to take a closer look at these new products? 






Bare Skin BB Cream 
Like bare skin, but better!


This skin loving BB Cream blurs the lines between Makeup and Skin Care. Our award-winning formula perfects and protects your complexion, allowing you to maintain a natural look which oozes radiance. It has a light, silky texture which doesn't clog pores and it has natural SPF 15 meaning your skin stays protected whatever the weather!


It offers sheer yet buildable coverage and is available in six shades. At the request of our followers on social media, we have introduced a new ‘light’ shade which offers a colour somewhere in between our two best selling shades ‘fair’ and ‘medium’. You can check out all the shades below. 


Star Ingredients
Aloe Vera: Rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. Locks in essential hydration. Encourages healthy cell renewal by supporting skin’s healing processes.
Rosehip Oil: Packed with fatty acids and Vitamin A to moisturise skin. Helps improve skin texture, lighten pigmentation and reduce acne scarring with regular use.  


The burning question - is it the same BB Cream formula I know and love? 
Yes! We haven’t changed the formula at all.
This is still the same BB Cream you fell in love with long ago, but finally it’s had a much needed glow-up!




NEW Flawless Filter Liquid Foundation 

That glow tho!

Show your skin the love it craves with this flawless finish foundation!
It has a lightweight formula and provides the perfect coverage whilst still protecting and nourishing your skin.
Enriched with nutri-dense botanicals from our magical superfood blends + SPF 30, this divine foundation will leave you feeling like a goddess.


We also have 2 new Liquid Foundation shades coming into the family - 'Light' and 'Peach'. 'Light' sits in between the shades 'Fair Beige/Warm' and 'Medium Rose’, with a neutral undertone. We have also adjusted our Peach shade so that it has a more neutral, less pink undertone.


Star ingredients:

Acerola Cherry: Packed with antioxidants and Vitamin C. Eliminates free radicals and boosts collagen production. 
Pomegranate: Rich in vitamins, antioxidants & ellagic acid which protect against signs of aging and brighten skin.
Hyaluronic Acid: Hydrates & helps retain moisture for plumper, firmer skin that glows.


So, what’s the difference? 
We know that many of you loved the old formula.
However, we also recognised that it could be a bit difficult for some people to apply - it just didn’t glide on to skin very easily.
(That's because we have never used the toxic sillicones found in main-stream beauty products which give this effect.)
Fortunately, we are always keeping an eye out for the latest developments in the world of organic ingredients and we've found a superb solution! 


Utilising a new Eco-cert accredited organic ingredient system which mimics silicones but is 100% natural and non-toxic, we’ve created an entirely new light-weight Liquid Foundation formula that will glide on so smoothly and leave your skin looking even and flawless.


Oh and did we mention the new formula has been subtly scented with jasmine flowers so it smells divine!




NEW Tinted Moisturiser with Green tea & Argan Oil 
Pure complexion perfection!

For that just rolled out of bed with perfect skin vibe. This protecting and perfecting Tinted Moisturiser is 2-in-1 skincare at it’s finest! It’s combination of pure minerals, Green Tea extract and Argan Oil help to plump and hydrate skin as well as reducing redness - and it doesn't stop there! This revolutionary moisturiser is also enriched with our homemade superfood blends and provides SPF 25 protection! It also comes in six adaptable shades, for the perfect skin match!


Star ingredients:
Green Tea: Helps reduce signs of sun damage. Improves skin texture & appearance of wrinkles.
Argan Oil: Rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids for softer, smoother skin.
Japanese Rice Oil: Brightens skin and evens out skin tone.


Why should I try it? 
The Tinted Moisturiser is a totally new addition to the PHB family. Building on the popularity of our original BB Cream, but taking it to the next level of luxury. Our tinted moisturiser formula is made with a base of Neroli floral water and enriched with powerful superfood ingredients which help to truly boost this products skin caring powers. The coverage is sheer yet buildable, similar to the BB Cream, but with a higher SPF of 25. It’s available in all the same shades as the BB Cream.


If you love our BB Cream this product is definitely worth trying!






Find your shade match:


With our adaptive mineral formulas it’s easier than ever to find your perfect match!
Rather than covering you up, these products will work with your skin and allow your natural skin tone to come through making it easier to find a shade that suits you. 

You can also blend shades together to create your own custom tone.


Here’s a breakdown of the shades we will offer...




Porcelain & Cream are perfect for very fair Caucasian and Asian skin tones.


Fair Warm, Light & Medium are great shades for a wide variety of fair to medium Caucasian and Asian skin tones.


Tan & Beige are great shades for darker Caucasian & Mediterranean skin tones, light South Asian and fair Afro-Caribbean skin tones.  


Caramel is a great shade for darker South Asian and Afro-Caribbean skin tones with warm/golden undertones.


Cocoa is perfect for darker skin tones with neutral to cool undertones.
Please note: This BB Cream is available now in its original packaging and can be purchased by clicking here. 






We have a feeling these beauties are going to sell fast! Want to make sure you get yours?



Sign up to our dedicated waiting list and you’ll be first in line to know when the new products land. You will receive an email 24hrs before the products go on general sale, giving you the chance to place your order first and guarantee the stock! Plus we'll give you free shipping too. Trust us, you’re gonna be enjoying flawless skin in no time!



Sign up here >

And let us know how excited you are in the comments below 

6 Comment(s)

Teresa Garcia:
10/06/2019, 07:50:01 AM

Hi, I'm new to the bb cream and wanted to buy it back in march but was out of stock. I'm not sure what shade i would need. Is it possible to sample so that I can buy on launch day please ?

24/06/2019, 01:20:06 PM

Hello! Sadly, we won't be getting samples before the launch. However, once the launch beings, there will be samples to go alongside each shade of liquid foundation, tinted moisturiser and BB cream. x

10/06/2019, 12:14:59 AM

Hi I have ordered in past from you and forgot my shade since you didn’t have In stock have you got sample s I am order first to see my shade I wanted peach foundation and beige foundation sample first before I order my mail one bilkiss mangera

24/06/2019, 01:20:50 PM

Hey Bilkiss, we won't be getting samples before the launch. However, once the launch beings, there will be samples to go alongside each shade of liquid foundation, tinted moisturiser and BB cream.

kelly norbury:
09/06/2019, 07:22:04 PM

Hi, really excited and pleased to hear about the new foundation. I have been waiting (impatiently!). Can you tell me please if the new formula has any change to how it "stays" on the face? My one main issue with the old foundation was that if I touched my face at all the foundation would rub off. I would still use it because the benefits outweigh that issue but just curious if there is any change in that regard. Also, I actually prefer my makeup to be unscented and I see the new formula is scented. Is it very mildly scented? Is the scent natural? Many thanks.

24/06/2019, 01:24:29 PM

Hey Kelly, thank you for your comment. Since taking customers feedback, we have updated our liquid foundation formula to improve the staying power by adding enhanced ingredients. The new ingredients in the foundation help the foundation stay put for a lot longer and helps to create a great base for the rest of your makeup to follow! The scent is very mild and is from natural derivatives so it won't be irritating and dissipates once on the face. Hope this helps x

Brenda Tsiu:
15/06/2019, 11:56:13 AM

I seldom take cosmetics. May I seek your advice if I shall apply BB cream after moisturizer and then apply the liquid foundation?

24/06/2019, 11:25:23 AM

Hi Brenda, Thank you for your question. The BB Cream is a lighter form of makeup which provides a very gentle, natural finish, which looks like you hardly have makeup on. If you prefer a heavier coverage, then we would recommend the liquid foundation. If you use both, then you can use the BB Cream as a base as it will prime the skin and the liquid foundation will stick to it. Hope this helps, xx

Lynn szweda:
18/06/2019, 10:01:40 AM

How much are these 2.products please what sizes weight are they

24/06/2019, 01:17:44 PM

Hey Lynn, At the moment, pricing is being finalised and more updates are to follow in our newsletter so make sure you subscribe to stay updated! The products come in 30ml glass jars and weigh approximately 30g each. All the best, PHB x

Maurita Galli:
19/06/2019, 03:10:27 PM,

Hi, I'm glad to meet you, my name is Maurita As you can see I have a very active profile and I was wondering if a collaboration with you was possible, I would like to see your product to my followers who will be enthusiastic about it I await your reply contact me in pvt Sincerely Maurita

24/06/2019, 11:26:17 AM

Hi Maurita, Thank you for your comment. Please email the team at and they will be able to advise on your collab query. Have a lovely day! Gina

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