NEW Balance Bundle | For Oily Skin, Blemishes & Acne

-10% NEW Balance Bundle | For Oily Skin, Blemishes & Acne

Balance Bundle | For Oily Skin, Blemishes & Acne

Includes Face Wash, Toner, Moisturiser & Blemish Gel

Start your journey to clearer skin today with our Balance Bundle! 

For our Balance Skin Care range we carefully select plant extracts that suit the needs of oily skin, and combine with the perfect ingredients to help heal & prevent blemishes and acne. We've blended skin calming Lavender, revitalising Geranium and oil regulating Tea Tree with pure yet powerful Neem, Zinc & Salicylic Acid to keep your complexion clear & healthy! 

Product Benefits: 

Face Wash: A foaming face wash that gently lifts away dirt, makeup and impurities to refresh, replenish and re-balance your skin.
Skin Tonic: A skin soothing tonic that cleanses and hydrates skin. It helps balance oil secretions, regulate pH levels and tighten pores. Made with Lavender Water which soothes redness and irritation.  
Moisturiser: A light yet creamy moisturiser that restores skin harmony. It nourishes and boosts radiance whilst re-balancing the complexion and protecting against environmental damage.
Blemish Gel: A blemish treatment gel made with healing botanicals that help cool and cleanse skin. Can be used directly on spots/acne to target & sooth blemishes, or all over as a preventative treatment for a clearer, smoother and more balanced complexion. Calms the appearance of redness, swelling and scarring.  

Key Ingredients: 

Lavender Essential Oil: Calming Lavender oil is perfect for soothing your skin and senses. Rich in antioxidants and powerful antimicrobial properties that help clear and calm skin making it the perfect partner for dealing with blemishes and acne.  
Geranium Essential Oil: Helps regulate oil secretions and re-balance the complexion. 
Sea Buckthorn Oil: Aids skin repair, especially scar tissue, for a clearer complexion.
Salicylic Acid: Gentle Exfoliant. Helps to cleanse decongested skin of excess oils & has astringent properties which help minimise pores
Zinc PCA:  Inhibits sebum production to reduce blackheads and shine. 

Well Being Blend: Bring Balance to your skin & senses with calming Lavender, revitalising Geranium, soothing Rosemary and uplifting Tea Tree.
Ever wondered why the scent of PHB products makes you feel so good? We never use synthetic fragrance in our products. Instead, we use therapeutic essential oils. These plant derived oils have incredible benefits for your skin and when inhaled they also have an effect on you limbic system, the part of the brain the controls mood and emotions. Helping you to look good and feel good thanks to the power of plants! 

Handmade with love | For people with oily skin, blemishes & acne | Suitable for all genders & ages 13+ | Safe to use during months 3 to 9 of pregnancy.

Eco-friendly Packaging

Sizes = 100ml, 100ml, 30ml, 20ml

Glass Bottles & FSC Certified Outer Box

How to recycle our packaging: Glass Bottles and FSC certified Outer Boxes are 100% recyclable. Pumps & caps are not recyclable (due to mixed materials) and should be disposed of separately. 

Active Ingredients Lavender oil is rich in antioxidants and antimicrobial properties that help clear, calm and rebalance skin. Geranium & Sea Buckthorn regulate oil secretions and aid skin repair for a clearer complexion.
Skin Suitability BALANCE SKIN CARE For Oily Skin, Blemishes & Acne
Ingredients Please see individual product listing for the Ingredients.
Precautions Do not swallow. Avoid contact with eyes. Not suitable for 1st trimester of pregnancy.
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