The Cruelty Free Con

Posted by Rose 08/09/2017 4 Comment(s)

PHB's Co-Founder Rose Brown explains how cosmetics companies are deceiving us with The Cruelty Free Con

and why we still need to stand up against animal testing...


The Ugly Truth about Animal Testing....

Animal testing by cosmetics companies is ugly business. Millions of rabbits, dogs, cats, mice and other animals are burned, poisoned and killed in painful and unnecessary tests each year for the sake of cosmetics and toiletries. It’s also lucrative business for the labs performing the studies. PeTA recently released data that in the USA $12 billion dollars of Taxpayer Money is used annually to fund animal testing. This is just what the government spend, let alone private companies.

Worldwide millions of innocent animals suffer each year from these cruel and deadly testing procedures. Animal testing is standard practice for many companies and brands in the cosmetics industry, and whilst Animal Testing for Cosmetics Products was banned in the EU in 2013, finished products (and/or their individual ingredients) are frequently tested on animals overseas before making their way to us in the UK & European Market.


Don’t Fall Prey to the Cruelty-Free Con!

Be Aware! Just because a company claims to be Cruelty Free doesn’t mean they truly are. Some well-known companies claim not to test on animals on their website, but are happy for their products to be tested on animals by third parties so they can be sold in other countries (such as China) where animal testing is a legal pre-requisite. One example of this is L’Occitane, owned by The L’Occitane Group who also own the Melvita brand.

Companies guilty of the Cruelty Free Con include so many well-known brands found on the high streets, in the department stores and in pharmacies all around the country.

There are also some companies who claim not to test on animals but fail to mention they are owned by parent companies who still fund animal testing for their products/ingredients in other countries. For example, Urban Decay and previously *The Body Shop claim(ed) to be cruelty free. Yet both companies are owned by L’Oreal - whose products are still tested on thousands of thousands of helpless animals each year so they can be sold in China. 

•The Body Shop is no longer owned by L'Oreal and is now owned by Brazilian cosmetics company 'Natura', who claim to be Cruelty Free. We are yet to confirm this. 

Please do your own research into this, and you will quickly find that some of the biggest and even seemingly ‘ethical’ High Street names have been taking part in these practices for decades.


Who’s still at it?

Do you REALLY care about Animal Testing? Stop supporting these ‘BIG NAMES’ whose products are still tested on animals! 

Aveeno Herbal Essences
Bobbi Brown Hugo Boss
Braun Johnson & Johnson
Clean & Clear Jurlique
Clearasil Kiehl's 
Clinique Lancome
Colgate L'Occitane
Dolce & Gabbana L'Oreal
Dove MAC
Elizabeth Arden Max Factor
Estee Lauder Maybelline 
Garnier Nair 
Gucci Fragrances Neutorgena
Head & Shoulders Nurofen
Olay  Shiseido
Shu Uemura SK-II
St Ives Strepsils
Tampax Tom Ford
Tommy Hilfiger Tony & Guy
TREsemme Vaseline
Veet Venus
Vicks Vidal Sassoon
Avon Viktor & Rolf


*Please note that this list is not exhaustive and reflects research at the time of publication. This list has been researched and compiled by PeTA.


How you can help.

Please stop supporting these companies by giving them your money, your time and your trust.

PHB Ethical Beauty products are 100% Vegan & Cruelty Free. By choosing ours (or other) cruelty free & ethical beauty products you are helping put an end to Animal Testing and the unnecessary suffering this causes. There is nothing beautiful about playing part in the torture and caging of animals. By supporting companies that fight against testing on animals and refusing to purchase from companies that do you will help put an end to this awful practice.

Join us and become an Ethical Beauty Pioneer...

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Visit our website: 20% of Profit Goes to Charity



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4 Comment(s)

Cath Pedwell:
08/09/2017, 10:13:53 AM

Thanks so much for sharing Ruth. I often wonder why some companies like Bare Minerals and Body Shop claim they are against animal cruelty but are never mentioned in truly ethical articles. Having worked at executive level in many corporates I also wonder how these companies protect their ethics when bought out by the big beauty companies. I know they will need to rationalise their manufacturing and testing so it would be almost impossible to not succumb to those pressures from the parent company. I don't often support these companies but will ensure I don't ever in the future and that my friends and family are aware of the ethics in their supply chains.

Juliana Y Lee:
15/11/2017, 03:09:50 AM

Gosh.... I bought some products from The Body Shop and Urban Decay just a few days ago as I needed some cosmetics urgently and did not have time to do in-depth research at that time. I asked the shops and they claimed that they have a range of vegan products. Only today I came to know about PHB Ethical Beauty and read this article. Never again I will buy their products.

25/02/2018, 11:53:37 AM

Hello, Big names are never care about the ethical value as they always look at their profits and margin, When I was trying to search a natural intimate cleanser for my partner I could not see much in the market and many of them are highly tested on Animals and not good for the sensitive skins. Somehow I read an article about barederma and I was really impressed with their products as its fully natural and really effective. I don't know why we're still running behind the Big Names and this is really something that we need to change.

22/10/2018, 07:48:31 AM,

Great guide! Very informative. I really like this article. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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