PHB Joins Orbis Ethiopia for in 10K Charity Run

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This Winter PHB are teaming up with sight-saving charity Orbis to raise £14,000
and run 10km in Ethiopia. 

We hope you'll be a part of this incredible journey with us!


Back in 2015 - when our family business decided to donate a percentage of company profits to charity - Orbis were one of the very first charities we decided to support. Their work providing sight saving operations and treating preventable blindness all around the world inspires us deeply and since discovering them this charity has always been close to our hearts. This year after 3 years of donating to Orbis, they contacted us about taking part in the Great Ethiopia Run & celebrating 20 years of sight saving work with them in Ethiopia. The work this charity is doing is just amazing and we are so excited by this opportunity & have been impelled to act! 


Inspired to TAKE ACTION, we have put forward not 1 but 4 members of the PHB Team to take part in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Myself (Rose) and fellow PHB Co-Founder John Tierney, along with our close friends and colleagues Metz Jnr & Sara Baker, will raise £14,000 (£3,500 each) and join 100 other Orbis fundraisers taking part in The Great Ethiopia 10k run this November. It’s quite a big ask for all of us, but for Metz in particular as he broke his foot earlier this year – yet he’s still determined to take part, what a Legend! ????????


We'll show you where your money goes...

After the run, Orbis will take us to visit their projects and hospitals in GamaGofa, Derashe and Konso, in Southern Ethiopia to get a first-hand experience of the work they do treating trachoma, a preventable disease affecting millions of people worldwide. 

During the trip, we are going to document our journey along the way through videos & social media, and share the work Orbis do with our followers on Facebook and Instagram. We will give you an inside look at the work Orbis do so you can see the amazing ways we use YOUR MONEY when you purchase ethical & vegan beauty products from PHB Ethical Beauty. We hope that you will follow our journey: &

Throughout the rest of the year we are also running AMAZING special offers & promotions (like the one below) to raise awareness and funds towards this amazing cause.








We hope you will take us up on this fantastic offer! You get an award winning, natural & vegan mascara and we will donate £5 from the sale directly to Orbis. When you consciously choose to support companies & causes like this you put your purchasing powers to positive action and this has a wide-spread positive impact. Together we can make a huge difference in peoples lives!

We hope you will support us!


One Love

Rose xx

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